• See here for Introduction from the Setters.

  • See here for our annotated solution.

  • Some Hunters' tales: Cachew Nuts, Alcoholus Lubricatum, Psychologicals, Team Norway, No Management Potential, Arthur and his 3 Agathas, The Mullitovers, Rookies Redux, Roboogle AftermATH, (more welcome).

  • Some teams' entries, reprinted with permission, may be found here:

    Alcoholus Lubricatum , Rookies Redux, Muddy_Boots, PATHfinders, Psychologicals, Strange Brotherhood,

  • Marking: Please note the document marking guide and use it to complete the Excel file marksheet, which you should download and mail to ATHMMXIX@gmail.com when complete.

    Here is the interim roll of honour. The scores were calculated using this Excel file (which is somewhat scrappy, but possibly of interest to the curious.) Any gross errors will be corrected, but the prize-list is probably final (apart from possible extra special prizes). A prize-giving ceremony will be arranged soon. The whole process took longer than I'd hoped - apologies.